Sales training

This first and only hybiscus flower just bloomed yesterday on the tree we planted in our Japanese garden a few months ago. The garden is always peaceful and when life seems difficult, it reminds me to take a deep breath and let it out slowly.

The last couple of weeks, life as a newly self-employed person has seemed difficult. I had a couple of conversations with well-meaning folks who told me the business I want to create won’t ever earn money. But then yesterday I had a conversation with Jeff Hirschberg, who is working to be an actor, and I was reminded what my real goals are. It was nice to be in the company of someone who understands the drive to forge one’s own, unique life.

I worked in marketing manager jobs for many years and thought I would know how to “sell” my own services. But it’s proved to be challenging to market myself. For one thing, I realised I couldn’t picture the conversation in which someone said they would buy from me. (Though that has happened already, to my surprise and delight.) This is when I decided I needed sales training.

I started by reading a book about sales − The Art of the Sale, by Philip Delves Broughton. I think it helped me see myself as a “sales person” and to own the process of talking to folks about my business. Soon after I started this book, I decided to sign up with Chris Lee, a Sandler sales trainer at Greenview Training Solutions, here in the Olympia area. The Sandler sales approach is all about being a well-functioning adult, listening very carefully to others, and building trust between you and your customer. I figure this will be helpful no matter what part of my life I’m working in, personal or professional.

Chris Lee is both very knowledgable about the sales process and amazingly perceptive about where his students are coming from. He “gets” people. This morning I learned something important from him about how I can talk more effectively with prospective customers. At the same time, I gained a more clear understanding of what marketing is. I feel energized and eager to more forward. Thank you Chris!

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